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Further Reading

James Tiptree Jr. - Das Doppelleben der Alice B. Sheldon (in a prize-winning translation by Margo Jane Warnken) and the complete works of Tiptree are available in German from Septime Verlag, Vienna.

Salon ran an excerpt from the book and an interview, December 2006.

L. Timmel Duchamp posted a conversation on the Aqueduct Press blog, October 2007, in which she and I talk about some questions that have come up around Tiptree.

Matthew Cheney interviewed me for Strange Horizons, November 2006.

My article "Talking Too Much: About James Tiptree Jr." appeared in The Tiptree Awards Anthology 2. In it I discuss my research and quote from two letters by Tiptree that I wasn't able to include in the book. The anthology also includes a letter from Alli Sheldon to her close friend Rudolf Arnheim.

"Dear Starbear," a selection of Tiptree's correspondence with Ursula K. Le Guin, was published in the September 2006 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

The best introduction to Tiptree's work is the short story collection Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (Tachyon Publications). Tiptree's remarkable nonfiction is collected in Meet Me at Infinity.

You can read a few Tiptree stories online, including: "The Women Men Donít See," "Painwise," "Beam Us Home," "Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death," and Raccoona Sheldon's "The Screwfly Solution."

Karen Joy Fowler's short story "What I Didn't See" is a fascinating reflection on Tiptree's "The Women Men Donít See," the Bradleys' experiences in Africa, and humans' relationship with the other primate species.


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